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Saytara Information Technology Services

Who We Are

Saytara is not A typical IT company...

We all need IT to run a successful business these days.

But why should you have to train, staff, and support an IT department

when your company's objective is something completely different? That's where Saytara steps in…

βœ“ We focus on IT so you can go back to focusing on business.

βœ“ We strive to ensure investments made in technology that can provide tangible results which can be tracked to business goals and Return on Investment(RoI).

βœ“ We are capable to handle a large portfolio of clients across various industry sectors that include Automobile, Telecom, Information Technology, Power, Hospitality, Retail, Construction & Contracting, Trading, Banking & Financial services, etc.

What We Do

Small Business Consulting

  • Building a healthy foundation for your business
  • Managing and growing your path
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eCommerce consulting

  • Creating market analyses and plans
  • Establishing your business on additional platforms
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Internal accounting

  • Handling business accounts
  • Charting the internal economics of the company
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Success happens to those who work for it.

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Let's do this together.


Deira, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


+971 54 410 7077